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2017/2018 Season

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March 22, 2018

Another great week in the Upper Susitna Valley!! After 4-6" of heavy wet snow last Sunday and Monday, the temps cooled off and the sun came out. Very light wind Wednesday and high temps in the upper 20s-low30s. There is a ton of snow out here right now with only slight signs of melting at some of the creeks and springs. Tuesday the Chulitna Bluff, EWE, P-ville Rd( from the EWE to Kroto Parking), Kenny Creek, Tokositna and Tokositna Flats were groomed. Funds are very thin and next week will be the last grooming of the season.

The Curry Ridge Riders are having their annual BBQ this year near the west crossing of the Tokositna. Be sure to stop by and visit, join up or grab a bite to eat. All riders are welcome. See you there.

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March 16, 2018


The Curry Ridge Riders  Annual BBQ and **General Membership Meeting** will be

From 11am until the food runs out or 4pm, whichever happens first

Location: Tokositna Flats Winter Trail

The BBQ spot will be just off the Tokisitna Loop Trail with PLENTY of signs and arrows pointing the way ---so there's no way you can miss it riding along the "North Loop" of Denali State Park. If you're not sure where that is, Tokisitna Trail (aka "North Loop") is on our new trail map-signs posted at major trail intersections. BETTER YET--buy a trail map at Sheep Creek Lodge (MP88) or Trapper Creek Inn (MP114.5) and support our trail work !


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March 15, 2018

Spring riding is at it's best this year in South Denali! Snow is deep and it is snowing again right now, with up to 6" of new snow this week. Temps have been warm and the snow is soft especially in the trees. All trails with the exception of the Rabiduex were groomed this week but with the warm temps, new snow and higher numbers of riders they will bump up pretty easy.

There is a real fun event happening this weekend in the Petersville area with a Poker Run put on by the Petersville Non-Profit Community. This is a great fund raising event for search and rescue as well as trail grooming. If you like riding in P-ville then you definiatly want to get involved with this organization as their main mission is to make your experience safe and enjoyable. Go to their facebook page for details on this Saturdays event.

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March 8, 2018

Just got in from Petersville and there is quite a storm brewing up there. Snowed all day with high winds like I haven't seen in a very long time. Trails were drifting in as fast as tracks were being laid down.

8-12" new snow this week and currently snowing in all areas. The Rabiduex, Chulitna Bluff, Tokositna Trails, Safari Lake and Portions of the East/West Express and P-ville Rd were all groomed so far. More grooming tomorrow unless the strong winds continue.

The P-ville Rd west of Moose Creek is heavily drifted and most parking areas have not been plowed all week. Updates tomorrow night.

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March 2, 2018

Good stuff out there this winter folks. 2-4" of fresh snow Monday followed by cold temps all week and a slight breeze Thursday. Friday was much warmer and more snow predicted for Saturday. Here is a shot of the P-ville Rd, bump free for all those that think the road is always mogul up.

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February 22, 2018

We cleaned up the trails this week just in time for the next storm. Grooming occurred on all trails but the Black Creek and Rabiduex but those two trails are in great shape regardless.

Currently snowing with 2-3 inches so far. Good times in South Denali this year so you better get after it!

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February 16, 2018

25" plus or minus of new snow so far this week here at the homestead. Groomed from 129 to 105 yesterday and will be doing most of the other trails today and tomorrow. The Deep Creek Trail, Black Creek Trail and upper P-ville Rd will be left alone until next week so the snow has a chance to settle and gets shredded.

Moose like the trails too so be aware and give moose a break

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February 9, 2018

The sun has been out steady this week with real cold temps at night and high teens and low twenties by midday. No real wind this week but the snow is hard packed and choppy in most exposed areas. Trails are in great shape and the main backbone ones were groomed this week.

There is some soft snow to be found but you will have to look for it. Plenty of snow depth just needs a good cover of soft powder. Lots of trees have been cleared but be always cautious as there is a lot of dead standing trees out there.

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February 2, 2018

It's been a little windy out here lately with some serious gust earlier in the week. Quite a few trees have been blown down across the trails. The areas that were cleaned up but have new trees blown down on them again. Right now there are reports of trees down on the Chulitna Bluff and East/West Express. Cleanup work will continue but be aware that there are many beetle kill spruce that will be falling down for many years.

The good news is the Rabiduex Trail and southern half of the Chulitna Bluff Trail were groomed for the first time this week and all the other trails are getting some attention too.

There also appears to be a dog sled race that has decided to use the Rabiduex, South Chulitna Bluff, East/West Express and the lower half of the Petersville Road. As always, ride with caution.

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January 27, 2018

Just got in from the trail and ended up grooming the Chulitna Bluff, East West Express. P-ville Road from the EWE down to Ktoto Parking, Tokositna and Tokositna Flats. Strong steady winds have been blowing in the area since the new snow we got earlier in the week. There is still pretty good soft snow in the trees and the CBT and P-ville Rd had the best snow while the swamps between Moose Creek and Kroto Creek being the most wind blown.

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January 19, 2018

The past two weeks have brought a variety of weather changes of which none were new snow. We have had below zero temps, occasional high winds, above freezing temps and now getting cold and crisp for this weekend.

Last week no grooming took place and this week it was an abbreviated grooming with the P-ville Rd getting smoothed out between the Kroto Parking and the EWE intersection. Also the Tokositna Flats, Tokositna Trail, Safari Lake, EWE and the CBT between 121 and 131 all got a good tune up. Great snow for exploring off trail and if you know where to look there are still hidden pockets of untouched powder to be found.

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January 4, 2018

Clean up of the trails is going real good this week and there has been 4"-8" of new snow throughout the area. All the trails will be groomed by Friday with the exception of the CBT and Rabiduex south of mile 121.5. Temps are dropping after the storm and conditions look great.

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December 29, 2017

Trails were cleaned up and smoothed out after the Christmas weekend. All the trails with the exception of the Rabiduex south of Trapper Creek have been put in this year and are in very good shape. Once we receive more snow the Rabiduex will be added to the list. Temps have been below zero in the mornings but get warmer during the day and also at higher elevations. It is suppose to warm into the twenties starting today and tomorrow. Watch out for moose both on the road and trails and have a Happy New Year!

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December 22, 2017

The North Loop is in! Yes, despite much wetter conditions at the beginning of this winter, the latest new snow and cold temps made it possible to cross the Tokositna and provide better access to Denali State Park. Thursday the west half of the EWE, south half of the Deep Creek Trail, the Tokositna and Tokositna Flats Trail and the CBT from 131 to 129 were all set and groomed.

Remember two weeks ago it was very warm and rained some so there is considerable overflow on top of the ice with a nice foot of fresh powder covering it up. Many holes and other water features are lurking on and off trail so ride with caution. Today, Friday, the CBT, EWE, Safari Lake and Kenny Creek trails will be groomed. Have a safe weekend and Merry Christmas.

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December 21, 2017

Grooming continues this week with the, P-ville Road, North Deep Creek and the Black Creek trail up to the summit, all being groomed today-Wednesday. The EWE, CBT, Safari, and North Loop all on the list for Thursday and Friday.

There was 10" of new snow Tuesday and another 6" give or take last Saturday. There is a nice deep base and a great powder coating so riding looks great. Keep in mind the farther north or west you go the better it is. Updates will continues through the week

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December 15, 2017

Temps were warm early in the week but have dropped to low 20s this morning. Overnight surprise of 2-3 of new snow. The Deep Creek and Jim/Mar loop was put in Tuesday and the snow is deep but stiff in that area. The Tokositna trail was groomed and the Bunco Creek crossing was put in this week too. The P-ville Road is in great shape. West and North of the Reflector Tree is the best and deepest snow but wet conditions were the norm for the whole area last week so deep Champagne Powder it ain't. Still beautiful area and decent riding.

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December 13, 2017

New look to the trail signs this year. After 11 years the "You Are Here" signs are being updated along with the warning  and trail hazard signs. This is a two year project which will encompass over 100 miles of groomed trails that the CRR maintains in South Denali with the help of Alaska Snow Cats. If you see us working along the trail stop and say hi.

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2016/2017 Season

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March 16, 2017

Our 2017 General Membership Meeting and Annual BBQ will take place on SATURDAY, APRIL 1st, 2017 and the location will be at "NICE VIEW" where the Tokositna Winter Trail (North Loop) and the Chulitna Bluff Trail (CBT) come together. Some of you may recall this as the Snowmachine pullout along the Chulitna Bluff Trail on top of a small hill overlooking the Princess Lodge.

For those coming up the Parks Highway: parking at MP 131 parking lot is limited.  Come early or plan on parking at MP121.5 or MP127 and riding the rest of the way north. There will be markers along the trails in the snow directing you to the CRR BBQ. 

We will also be featuring our annual membership drive which is how we afford what we do to keep South Denali winter-use trail system maintained and groomed with your memberships and donations to the Curry Ridge Riders.

Single is $20/year, Family is $30/year and Business Memberships are $50/year.

Any other questions, feel free to drop us an email at:

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February 23, 2017

Snow...snow... and more snow!!! Yes it has been snowing quite a bit in the Petersville area, starting last weekend and continuing through the week. Tuesday was a blue bird day though and it was spectacular. While still not epic snow levels of the 80s and 90s, we do have more snow than we have had in quite a few years and it really nice stuff. 

All trails were groomed this week except the Rabiduex Trail and I did receive a trail report that the snow bridge at Sawmill Creek, just south of the mile 110 highway crossing, has collapsed. Don't worry it is marked well and there is a small log bridge just to the left (downstream) that easily gets you across and on your way.


Randy Crosby
Alaska Snow Cat

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February 17, 2017

Good news-bad news-much better news this week. 4" of snow fell Monday in the area followed by warm temps and some rain on Tuesday. Wednesday it cooled back down and a few inches of snow fell.  Thursday still remaining cool but no additional snow. This morning we woke to 2+ inches of new snow and it is currently snowing. The Safari Lake Trail, P-ville Rd up to and including the E/W Express plus the Chulitna Bluff between 121 and 129 were all groomed this week. All other trails are reported in very good shape and off trail is looking real good too.

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February 10, 2017

From the looks of the trails and powder this week there was a lot of people having a lot of fun last weekend. The trails have been smoothed out once again only the Rabiduex and south half of the Deep Creek trails across the big swamps was not groomed but are still in good shape. There has been a slight breeze and cold temps this week so the snow has set up quite a bit. That will make it a little easier to get farther out so always be prepared for emergencies. A warm up with chances of snow next week so keep your fingers crossed.

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February 2, 2017

Deep Snow Report!! The last two back to back storms have dumped over 2' of snow in the Petersville area. We had a total of 25" here at the home base since last Friday and it was super deep going up the Deep Creek and Jim/Mar trails yesterday. I will try and put in the Black Creek trail today and all other trails have seen the groomer this week. Lots of fun to be had right now plus great lodging and amenities in Trapper Creek and Petersville!

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January 27, 2017

Some fresh snow to report this week with 6" plus or minus throughout the area. Deepest new snow is north and west.
Temps have risen during the week and are currently 37 above but are expected to go back down by Friday.


Groomed up through Deep Creek and then down the Jim/Mar trail Monday and it is still somewhat brushy in spots and be careful near the south end as the big boulders are still poking out some. The P-ville Road is in excellent shape all the way through the canyon with a little overflow on the trail near the bridge. The trails through Kenny Creek are in.


The Tokositna trails were put in and all the crossings of Bunco and the Tokositna are in very good shape. There are wands placed north of Bunco Creek to identify a soft spots in the trail where a spring/creek has open water. Go around as necessary.


The E/W Express and Safari Lake Trail were groomed and are in very good condition but the snow is still thin so be aware of stumps along the edges of the trail. The CBT will be groomed before the weekend but no grooming south on the Rabiduex in order to protect the snow bridges from collapsing during this warm spell.


All in all the trails are in good shape and riding off trail is improving but the snow is still a little thin.

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January 19, 2017

Heading out the door to do some more grooming this morning. Monday the E/W Express and the lower half of the P-ville road was groomed. Tuesday the entire CBT from Denali State Park to Trapper Creek Inn was groomed and the Trapper Creek Winter Trail/ Rabiduex was groomed too! Temps Wednesday and Thursday dropped to -40 so grooming was suspended for a couple days. Denali State Park is now open  to riding and by next week the Tokositna Trails should be groomed. Snow is still a little thin but much better with the new +/- 12 inches last weekend.

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January 18.2017

Denali State Park is open to snowmobiles

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January 7, 2017

Two weeks ago I ran the groomer from 129 to 121 and then the EWE all the way up to the P-ville Rd and then down the Road to Kroto. Last week I groomed the Road up to the Jim/Mar trail intersection and then back to Kroto. Snow is very thin and I won't be able to get off of the road until there is more snow. The trip down the CBT and EWE was brutal to say the least.

The sections of the CBT that I had ran the dozer through were in good shape but as soon as I crossed Cygnet Creek I had to start pushing and cutting trees from time to time. I plan on running the dozer down the CBT and then up the EWE starting next week some time if the temps get warmer than the -10 to 5 above we have had for the past couple of weeks.

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2015/2016 Season

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April 7, 2016

While the riding in the lower elevations is winding down, the upper elevations are in great shape. Grooming of the P-ville Road continues as does the Jim/Mar Trail and the west half of the E/W Express. Be aware the Canyon route of the P-ville Road is closed due to multiple avalanches but the route up and over the top is in very good shape. The best and easiest route to the good snow in the Dutch Hills is to take the P-ville Rd. out of the Kroto parking Lot and ride to just before the canyon, turn right on the Jim/Mar Trail and then turn left when you intersect the Deep Creek Trail and go up and over. The Deep Creek Trail may also be ridealbe but it was not groomed this week and I haven't heard of it's condition.


Be very alert to Avalanche dangers no matter where you ride!!

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April 1, 2016

Quick update on the conditions as I know them. It snowed/rained Sunday and Monday which resulted in about 12" of slush by Tuesday morning. Tuesday was pretty nice with no precipitation but then Wednesday it rained at the lower elevations all day long. Thursday was a nice day with partly sunny skies and temps in the high 40s.

The snow is still here in good amounts but is pretty punchy below 1000' elevation and many creeks, swamps and lakes are flowing water. The groomed trail system is holding up ok and is solid even where the water maybe flowing or sitting. Off trail is a crap shoot.

Above 1000' the snow is much better but some creeks are flowing water. I heard from several good sources it snowed (no rain) above tree line but it was certainly heavy wet snow. Depending on your level of skill and adventure it is actually pretty good riding out here and when the sun pokes out it is just great conditions.

I hope this helps answer some???????


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March 18, 2016

Happy St. Patty's Day to all !

It would appear March is going to go out like a lamb.....reports from Trapper Creek suggest snowfall total the past couple days is around 3 inches and other areas north of Talkeetna in the South Denali area from 3 to 5 inches new snow.  Daytime temperatures are starting to inch above freezing in South Denali, so expect a thin layer of new crust in the mornings with hard pack underneath.

As of this writing, it's 20 degrees in Anchorage at 1pm--which is in stark contrast to the past several days of 40's for a high!  Scratchers are the order of the day when riding in South Denali for liquid-cooled sleds, but there is PLENTY of snow base covering everything since what we did have so far this winter, settled nicely and gone are the snow-drift ridges we had in the early season.  Bridges are holding up nicely with the cooler nights except for Rabiduex Creek which partially collapsed in February, but you can safely get through there using the power line trail on the other side of the highway.  Powder snow can still be found far and wide in the trees if you search hard enough.

The trails are hard and fast and everything is groomed nicely for an enjoyable ride.  This Saturday, 3/19/16 is a Search-n-Rescue and Trail Grooming Fundraiser by the newly organized "Petersville Community Non-Profit Corporation" ( and Michele Stevens.  Curry Ridge Riders will have a membership drive table set up so come on by and say hello!   Breakfast is going to be served by the organizers of the event from 930 to 1130am in the Kroto Creek Parking Lot with a Snowmachine "Fun-Run" (poker run style) taking in GPS checkpoints around the area.  A donation of $20 is requested for the breakfast and Fun-Run.  Parking is going to be tight on Saturday considering this is the first "countable" new snow in South Denali, so you might want to park at the free parking in Trapper Creek Inn parking lot and ride out.

Monday, 3/21/16 is our annual Board of Directors elections and your ballot is needed--don't forget to send it in.  Details on place and time are in a previous email.



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March 11, 2016

Winter is still happening in the Upper Susitna Valley but...........Spring is knocking on the door!!! Temps have been above freezing all week but getting in the low teens overnight.

Trails are in great shape and grooming continues all the way from Trapper Creek up through Denali State Park and throughout Petersville.

The warm temps have made the trails icy and hard in the lower elevations and the snow off trail is very stiff until the heat of the day softens things up. Best snow I saw this week is on the west side of Bunco Bump and in the north along the P-ville Road and Black Creek Trail.

Be aware of ruts in the trail going to Collinsville/Chulatna Lake as mining equipment is using the trail. The Black Creek Trail has had the ruts removed by grooming so that part is in good shape.


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March 4, 2016

Well same story as last week. Excellent riding conditions!  Saying that just does not get old. Light snow feel early in the week on the west side of the trail system.  Cooler temps at night and warmer temps during the day make for great spring riding.  Riding later in the day provides the softer snow conditions and cooling for the sled. Mid Valley Trail Club is reporting the same conditions. Rabiduex snow bridge is still out of service near MP 110. So if you follow the power line you can still go north and south.

Shout out to Trapper Creek Inn (Tom and Connie), hosting last weekend’s funds drive for the trail system. Fantastic Success!   A great showing and a huge thank you for all supporting this most important cause.

If you have not joined a club or renewed your membership, it’s never too late. Your membership counts and cost is small, but your support is priceless.

HB 319: This bill was introduced by Rep Cathy Tilton .  This bill is extremely important. Curry Ridge Riders and ASSA totally support this pending legislation. It simply increases the registration on the sleds and allows for a 6 year registration period, in which all funds collected are earmarked to SNOWTRAC who allocates the funds to grants for grooming of the trails. SNOWTRAC board is made up of actually users from across the state. PLEASE call or write your state representative showing your support for this important bill preserving maintenance and grooming of our winter trails. Remember if you ride on borough lands and especially in the state parks, your sled is required to be registered. Part of our trail system (North Loop) enters Denali State Park.  Remember, our Park Ranger (Chris), loves to ride, do I need to say more?

Last bit of information, after sending out the grooming/trail report for almost 7 years, I am stepping aside and Michelle is going to pick up the reigns. A social media giant, she is, managing the hot line, the FaceBook page and now the mail box!  Thanks Michelle! If you have not checked out the CRR’s FaceBook page, you need to!

CRRs would like to thank you all for your continued support.

Stay safe and hope to see you on the trails.



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February 24, 2016

All the trails were groomed again this week except for the Trapper Creek to Rabiduex Trail. We had pretty good wind all day Tuesday and it moved most of the new snow into low lying and protected areas. Warmer than normal temps are predicted for the next week or so but the snow pack is holding up real nice as of now. Temps have been below freezing at night and warm up in the low 30s by noon.

There is a big Winter Carnival at the Trapper Creek Inn Saturday with lots of events for kids and a band for the adults. There will be booths with vendors and the Curry Ridge Riders and Anchorage Snowmobile Clubs will be present to share club news and sign up members, both old and new. There will be food to purchase inside the Inn and hot dogs available out at the gazebo prepared by the CRRs.

Come out to Trapper Creek this weekend and join in the fun!!


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February 23, 2016

Excellent trail conditions, great spring riding temps, new snow fall and no RAIN so far ! Conditions are nothing like that found in Anchorage, Eagle River or Wasilla. Come to Snow Country.

Reminder: Trapper Creek Inn (TCI) is hosting the FUNd the Trails Winter Carnival this coming weekend. Fun for all, come visit and go riding.  Events scheduled from noon to 6.  Event being sponsored by the Anchorage Snowmobile Club (ASC) and the SnowRider publication.

Curry Ridge Riders will be on scene to discuss trail funding issues and renew club memberships.

Free hotdogs and chili for all new and renewed memberships.

Face Book: Well, CRRs now has a FaceBook page.  So, between the Mid Valley Trail Club, Ak Snow Cat, CRRs, ASC and all the Inns and Lodges you can get the most up to date snow and local riding conditions. Visit our new page and see the all the scheduled weekend events.

Grooming will be done early this week for all the major trails to beat the warmer temps being forecasted later in the week. Trails should be in excellent shape.

Remember, the CRRs trail system encompasses over 120 miles of established, marked and groom trails.  Spanning that large of an area, snow conditions vary in quality and depth. We ask all to leave comments on the various FaceBook pages of conditions you encounter for all to read.  Best snow conditions are west and north within the trail system.

Please come out and show your support.

Will see you this weekend at TCI !


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February 17, 2016

Well there seems to be a little concern about the picture of the collapsed snow bridge on Rabiduex Creek and how that may be signaling an early end to winter in the South Denali Area. I can assure you that it is still very winter like up here and even with the warmer than normal temps this winter, the snow is getting better and better every week. i heard there was a posting on another site that there is water flowing over the tops of creeks and the ice is melting etc. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Rabiduex Creek as well as most creeks south of Trapper Creek have warmer water even on a normal or colder winter. We always have problems with these creek crossing and the big factor this winter as well as last winter is there is very little snow south of Trapper Creek which is needed to keep the bridge in good shape. I have only been able to go down those trails once back in December due to the low snow. This bridge is about 4 mile south of down town Trapper Creek.

North of Trapper Creek the snow gets deeper and there have been no issues with the creek crossing so far. I groomed down to Trapper Creek on the Chulitna Bluff today as well as up the East West Express and the trails, snow, and bridges are in great shape. There was 2-6 inches of new snow last week and like I said, it is getting better and better as the winter progresses. I also groomed down the P-ville Rd from the EWE to the Kroto Parking Lot and from the EWE to the Safari Lake Trailhead. It was clear, cold and crisp all day and is currently 12 above here at the house.

One more issue is people trespassing on the farming fields just north of Trapper Creek on the CBT. This portion of the trail bisects privet property and riding you machine off trail on these properties causes nothing but trouble, so please don't! Thanks.

More grooming tomorrow,


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February 11, 2016

Been out grooming again this week, north up the Chulitna Bluff, across the Tokositna, down to the Safari Lake Trail Head and the west half of the EWE. Plus the P-ville Road through the Canyon, Over the Jim/Mar, down the Deep Creek and up the Black Creek trails.

Tomorrow I will be cutting through the Kenny Creek area, down the EWE to mile 121.5 and finish off on the Chulitna Bluff.

Temps warmed up today to the low 30s and the wind has been blowing pretty good also.

Lots of snow but it would be nice to see some fresh stuff.


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February 5, 2016

Just in from grooming for the week. All trails were groomed this week except for the Rabiduex trail south of Trapper Creek. The fresh snow from last week is keeping the trails soft and so smooth.

The wind has been blowing most of the week and some drifting will be found in the upper elevations. The temps have been warm after dipping down early in the week but still very much winter up here.

Snow is forecast in the next few days which would be very welcome.

Keep an eye out for moose as I say quite a few out there this week.


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January 21, 2016

Grooming has resumed this week, with most of the trails receiving attention. Views are great and trails are in excellent shape.
Remember, there is over 120 miles of groomed trails in our trail system.
You can ride south and enjoy the Mid Valley Trail Clubs efforts or explore the Black Creek Trail.
Temps are looking really nice for a family ride this weekend!


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January 14, 2016

Trails were in great shape last weekend. All snowbridges were holding up nicely. Snow was soft and the best west and north of the reflector tree. No grooming this past week to conserve grooming funds.

Temps should be good this weekend. Almost Spring riding weather !  Small amount of snow has falling across the area providing just enough needed lubrication.

Just a reminder, register your sleds. Park Ranger was out this past weekend, visiting with everyone he met, do I need to say more? The North Loop does enter into the Denali State Park.

Remember, your registration dollars come directly back in the form of grooming funds.

Great family riding for this holiday weekend!



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January 9, 2016

Looks like a warmer weekend. Currently 32 above and partly cloudy.


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January 8, 2016

The lower half of the Deep Creek Trail was groomed today as were the Safari Lake, E/W Express, Kroto Link and the Chulitna Bluff between mile 121 and 129. Trails are in good shape but the snow is pretty hard off trail from last weeks rain shower and wind in the lower elevations. The good news is that there is soft snow to be found north and west of the reflector tree and conditions are great for getting off trail and exploring the whole area.

Temps are a little cool and it is currently 2 above with clear skies and no wind. Come on out, stay at one of the lodges and enjoy some great views.


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January 7, 2016

Just in from grooming the P-ville Road from the Kroto Parking to up and through the Canyon. The temps were a bit cool today and are currently 3 above. There was a little new snow followed by some wind in the last week and much of the area is looking track free. There is 3-4' of snow in the higher elevations with much of the creeks and gullies filled in but also some wind slabs on the steeper slopes.

Looks like pretty good riding to me. More reports tomorrow


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December 31, 2015

The weather threw us a curve ball today. Was 37 above at 6am with a light rain/sprinkle. They forecast a drop in temps by noon which it did with a brief snow storm. It is currently 34 and partly cloudy at 1pm with no precipitation. Grooming is cancelled until after the weekend.

Everyone have a great New Years and be safe!

Randy and Marita

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December 30, 2015

Groomed north through Denali State Park today, then down to the Safari Lake Trailhead, back up the E/W Express to the P-ville Road and down to the Kroto Creek Parking. Also went up the first few miles of the Black Creek Trail.

The snow is very good on the west side of the Bunco Bump.

I Saw two of the Common Mures that got blown in from down south but there wasn't anyway for me to capture and transport them. They need water to fly off of and the bird center is too overwhelmed to go out and get them. Sounds like there is a lot of them in the area.

Currently 22, no wind, fresh snow and more grooming tomorrow.

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December 24,2015

The connector trail from Kenny Creek Lodge to the E/W Express was put in today. It may change in the future once I have a chance to meet with the P-ville folks as they are funding this trail. Stay tuned for any changes and please remember this is a subdivision with a lot of land owners who like to keep the area as low key as possible.

The Safari Lake, Tokositna, Tokositna Flats and the Northern part of the Chulitna Bluff Trails were also groomed to today.

Temps stayed cold and are currently -4 but are forecasted to warm up starting Christmas day.

 Merry Christmas everybody and thank you for all the support.

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December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

Well, the trail system is in.  You can reach the trail system from anywhere on the road system,  from MP 105, Trapper Creek Inn (MP 115), MP121.5, MP127, MP131 on the Parks Hwy and all staging areas on Petersville Road and the Lodges.

Trail riding is great. Watch all the water crossings, they may have settled a bit since the snow bridges were put in.

Take the family riding this Holiday Season. Staying at a lodge is a great way to maximize your riding with the low daylight hours.
Remember, if you want  the latest grooming information, see Alaska Snow Cat Face book page or the CRRs hot line and or web site.

Have you renewed your membership?  Your support and donations may become very important later in the season. With already low grooming funding from the State of AK, we may run out grooming funds way before the end of the season.

Happy Holidays from the CRRs !

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December 20, 2015

Just got the Rabiduex Trail in from Trapper Creek to the Big Su Bridge. Snow thins out the further south you go but it is good trail riding. Watch for the snow bridges closely as they haven't had time to set up real good and some settling will occur. Great area to take the family or beginners and still put on a lot of miles.

Trapper Creek Inn really stepped up to the plate today and donated a tank of fuel to the grooming so take the time to swing in and support their business. Great place to park and ride too. Thank You!


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December 17, 2015

Happy Holidays !

Well folks, unlike last year, we have snow and trails set for holiday riding. 

Five inches of new snow fell this week.  The Tokositna and Bunco Creek crossings are in and the North Loop open for riding. Deep Creek trail has been completed. The entire trail system is almost completed, with the southern portion from 115 MP to 105 MP that ties to the Mid Valley system to be completed.

With that said, the grooming company for the South Denali and Petersville trail system has decided to report trail conditions and grooming actions on their FaceBook page as changes occur. So if you want up to date information, visit Alaska Snow Cat  FaceBook page, They will no longer email a weekly grooming report. You can still go to the CRRs website and or call the hotlines for information as it changes.

Happy Holiday!


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December 10, 2015

Alaska Snow Cat has been busy preparing all the main winter trails in Petersville and Trapper Creek this week. After heavy snows and then a lot of rain over the  Thanksgiving weekend, conditions were a little rough to say the least. All water crossing plus any low areas in the swamps were flooded but have now refrozen. There is  however deep holes, frozen ruts and crusty snow so the groomed trails are the safest routes until you get to about 3500' elevation.

 As of Thursday night the following trails are groomed and in good shape:

        Petersville Road from the Kroto Parking through the Canyon at the Peter Hills
        East/West Express from mile 121.5 on the Parks Hwy to the Petersville Road
        Deep Creek Trail from the P-ville Rd to the Peter Hills
        Jen/Mar which connects the Deep Creek to the P-ville Rd
        Safari/Tokasitna Trail from mile 11.5 of the P-ville Rd to just north of Safari Lake
        Chulitna Bluff Trail from Trapper Creek to mile 129.
        Kroto Link

Friday I will be headed north into Denali State Park to see if the Tokositna River and Bunco Creek can be crossed. If the crossing can be put in then that will complete the  "North Loop" connecting the CBT to the Safari Lake trail. Next Week the Black Creek/Collinsville Trail and Rabiduex Trail will see some attention.

Be careful out there, the snow is deep but has a thick frozen crust and there are significant "water features" that are both frozen and/or deep and unfrozen. Some snow is in the forecast.

Later, Randy

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November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, there is snow in the South Denali Area.
With that said, trail grooming has not started yet. Reports of 25" and more on the ground. Yes, it is warm and raining in areas. DSP is open. Please be very careful out there crossing  swamps, lakes and creek crossings! The snow is insulating all of  those wet areas. Without a good base, you may see those wet areas up close and personal..

As some of you were aware the annual Oxygen/Octane Show did not occur this year and due to weather conditions we were unable to have the annual BBQ.. Your club membership is very important to the maintaining the trail system in South Denali/Petersville area. You can download the membership form from the Web site and mail your membership to us. There are some interesting events planned early next year and hope to have the annual CRR BBQ.. Will keep you all informed as conditions change and events are firmed up..

Support the local businesses who support the trail systems!!!


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2014/2015 Season

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April 3, 2015

Well folks the snow season is winding down a little early this year. The snow came a little late and is leaving a little early but........ there is still some good riding to be found. The E/W Express, CBT, Safari Lake and Lower P-ville Road were groomed Tuesday. Some bare ground is starting to show in the lower elevations and some surface water is showing on the swamps. The creek crossings so far are in good shape and show no sign of melting.

Friday the P-ville Road was groomed all the way through the canyon to give great access to the backside of the Peters Hills and the Dutch Hills. It is still full blown winter back there and looks to be some great riding still available. The snow is hard in the mornings but starts to soften by noon. Several miners have been moving equipment up the Road as well as Black Creek but their tracks have been groomed over as of this writing.

I'll be grooming the Tokositna Trails and putting the groomer away Saturday morning so keep a look out if you are riding west out of the 131 Trailhead. I should be done by noon.

It hasn't been the greatest winter, snow wise, but I hope you all got a chance to get out and enjoy the trails and area in general. This year we relied on donations to fund about 15% of the operation and used up a large portion of the Curry Ridge Riders treasury doing so. The future funding of the grooming efforts will require more donations than in the past so please help out when you can. A special thanks to the Anchorage Snowmobile Club, Weld Air, Northland Inn, Gate Creek Cabins, Trapper Creek Inn, Michele Stevens, Mat Su Borough, Alaska State Parks and many others for their contributions to the success of our trails.

Also the CRRs need new energy in keeping the trail system alive. You may have noticed almost no trail wands this winter and the signs and snow depth stakes needing repair. You may also notice there was no BBQ this year either. All these efforts require people to make them happen and many of the hard workers from the past are not as active any more or have retired and moved on. Get involved if you want to see the trails continue and as I have said before the whole operation is fragile and the future is always uncertain.

Happy Easter and pray for more snow next year!!

   Randy Crosby
   Alaska Snow Cat

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March 27, 2015

I groomed the P-ville Rd, west half of the E/W Express, Deep Creek, Safari Lake, Tokositna River, Tokositna Flats and the north part of the CBT Wednesday, I will be grooming the rest of the CBT and E/W trails Friday morning. Conditions are warm during the day but the snow pack is holding well as are the creeks and rivers. The Black Creek trail has seen many passes by me and other minors using snowcats so no official grooming was necessary and it is in very good shape. There are several good weeks of snowmobile riding left. No more grooming south of 121.5 will occur this season due to low snow levels.


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March 13, 2015

The Upper Susitna are was blesses last weekend with up to 2' of fresh snow. Temps cooled way down after the storm passed with minus 10-20 at night and up to the low 20s above during the day. All the trails were groomed and are in great shape with good off trail riding too. The typical march winds are blowing so wind chill is something to take into account when heading out. There is plenty of good powder riding to be had and it is the best conditions we have seen so far this year. More snow is forecast this next week and now is the time to get out and enjoy the longer daylight, warming temps and fresh snow.


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March 6, 2015

This week 6"+ new snow fell but turned to rain in the lower elevations. The Tokositna and E/W (west of the Reflector Tree) Trails were groomed Tuesday. P-ville Rd, Deep Creek, Black Creek and Jim/Mar Trails were groomed Wednesday and the Safari Lake Trail was groomed Thursday. No grooming of the E/W (east of the Reflector Tree) or CBT was done this week due to warm temps and rain. These trails do have plenty of snow for riding and accessing the area. More snow is predicted for the weekend with cooler temps next week.


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March 5, 2015

SnowTRAC Update

Anyone and everyone who can, should call in and demand that this money be reallocated to the snow trac process. This is the only self funded fee system in the state. It is a revenue neutral program that we fund out of our own registration money.

AS 28.39.020 authorized the Department of Administration/DMV to require and collect a snowmobile registration fee (~$220,000 annually). The statute does not state what the fee will go toward. Since statute’s inception the unwritten understanding was that DMV would transfer the fees generated under AS 28.39.020 to the Department of Natural Resources/Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation through an interagency agreement. It was understood that the division would establish a snowmobile advisory board (SnowTRAC) and funds received from DMV would be spent on trail grooming, as well as snowmobile educational and safety projects. The vehicle to make that transfers from DMV to Parks was a line in the Governor’s budget. This year, the Governor’s budget does not include this transfer, barring any changes the SnowTRAC board and programs are slated to end on July 1.

          Comment when the budget gets to the Senate side

          A. Oral testimony – contact your Legislative Information Office to find out when those hearings are in Homer
                   the LIOs office number is  235-7878
Or follow Senate Finance on-line at

                 B.   Written testimony – send at any time to the Senate Finance Committee; email to the co-chairs but address
                  to the whole committee  
             (Eagle River)

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February 27, 2015

Grooming continues in the Trapper Creek and Petersville areas this week. After some rain last weekend the temps returned to below freezing and is providing great grooming conditions for the trails. Like last week, all trails are currently being groomed with the exception of the Trapper Creek to Rabiduex Trail which has insufficient snow. Moose Creek on the E/W Express has been overflowing for a couple of weeks but was repaired last week and is in good shape. I will be headed down the E/W today to finish this weeks grooming.

There are many overflow areas in low lying areas below the 1500' mark but they are all refrozen. The snow is hard and crusty but about 2000' in the Peters and Dutch Hills there is a increase of powder on the surface and at 3000' it is very good fresh snow. The trails are all in great shape, perhaps as good as they have ever been, and provide great access to the entire area.  

Have a great weekend,


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February 20, 2015

Sorry folks, no report this week.  Have not heard anything from the field this week. Last weeks riding was great.  Yes, snow is a little thin, but rode over 85 miles. Watch for overflow. Overflow on Moose Creek was starting to rise.

The email grooming report may be down for a couple of weeks.  But call the hotline for the latest information on grooming and trail conditions.

Hotline numbers are:
Anchorage 689-7669
Valley 352-3669


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February 5, 2015

This week grooming covered all the trails except the south half of the Chulitna Bluff Trail and the Trapper Creek/ Rabiduex Trail. The Black Creek Trail was put in to the top of the Summit and gives access to Pickle Creek and the Dollar Creek Trails. Snow conditions are best north of Safari  Lake and South of the Tokositna River. The wind has been blowing some and the temps were very cold early in the week but as got warmer as the wind picked up. Clear weather is offering great views of the Alaska range and Talkeetna Mountains.


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January 29, 2015

All trails in Petersville/Trapper Creek/Denali State Park received some attention this week. Chulitna Bluff Trail is groomed and in good shape. Snow gets significantly thinner as you go south. Rabiduex was groomed south from Trapper Creek to the first crossing of Rabiduex Creek. Snow was too thin to bridge creek and snow is very thin for riding in the area overall. E/W Express was groomed, some stumps, humps and rocks are poking through the trails so be cautious and aware. Tokositna Flats and Tokositna River Trails were groomed and the snow is thin in the "Flats" due to wind. Swamps between safari Lake and the Tokositna is in good shape with lots of untouched powder. The P-ville Rd is in very good shape and will hold up well if riders take it easy on the throttle. The Jen/Mar Trail was set for the first time this year and is in good shape with some patches of alders and brush. This trail connects the P-ville Rd. to the Deep Creek Trail. The Deep Creek Trail was also groomed and also has some light brush above tree line. The Black Creek Trail was "set" by the snowcat for the first couple of miles through the nasty switch back, giving good access to the open swamps. Grooming to the summit will happen next week. The Safari Lake trail was groomed and is in good shape.


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January 16, 2015

As you are all aware, conditions have not improved. Without additional snowfall, grooming will be limited. Trails have not been set from MP 121 south to MP105. No additional grooming will happen on the E/W or most of the North Loop until more snow falls. However, upper trails will see a weekly grooming. Black Creek/Collinsville trail has not been set as there is a lot of brush, rocks and a washed out section that needs more snow. 

So, be careful and alert on the trails for stumps and rocks until additional snow fall.


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January 8, 2015

Yes grooming has begun this week in Petersville, Trapper Creek and Denali State Park. Snow is very thin on the trails but on Monday the groomer made it down the Chulitna Bluff Trail(129-122), up the E/W Express, up the P-ville Rd to the Canyon entrance and back down to Kroto Creek parking.

Tuesday the road received multiple passes  and is in very good shape north of the Forks but much icier and still somewhat moguled between Kroto and Forks. The Deep Creek trail north of the E/W to Lunch Box Hill was also groomed Tuesday.

Wednesday the P-ville Rd from Kroto to the E/W intersection received another pass and is getting much better. The Kroto Link to the Safari Trail as well as the Tokositna, Tokositna Flats (Denali State Park, North Loop) and the north CBT were also groomed.

Grooming will continue for the rest of the week with the Safari Lake Trail, Black Creek and the P-ville Rd. seeing more attention.

The snow is the thinnest I have ever groomed and until more snow falls grooming will be limited to the upper elevations. Be cautious on the E/W, Deep Creek, Tokositna and all other trails for stumps, rocks, holes and frozen ruts. The temps went from -10 Wednesday night to +21 Thursday morning with light freezing rain.

The snow is deepest north and west of the reflector tree. Be aware there are many obstacles on and off the trail but still some of the best snow conditions available in south central right now.


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January 6, 2015

As of 5 Jan 2015, the Denali State Park is open to snowmachines. That includes the North Loop and the Curry Ridge. Please be alert to low snow levels on the ridge and avoid these areas when riding.

Remember, machines require state registration to ride in the State Park.

Please check for latest conditions in the Park at the following web site:

Slow start, but slowly conditions are improving !


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December 31, 2014

Well, I got my wish for Christmas. Yes, 8-10" of new snow depending on where you're at.  Good reports coming in from the Peter and Dutch Hills (2-3 feet). Also 2  1/2 feet in the Safari Lake area.   Mid Valley to the south has their trails set. 

Not so good news, we still could use more snow to groom and set the trails in South Denali and Petersville area. Denali State Park is still closed, so the north loop of the trail system is still closed. Needless to say, snow bridges over the creeks and rivers are still not in.   Some of the trails are marked from the hard work  of CRRs leadership last year, with permanent markers, but large open marsh areas have not been marked. Trails are going to be extremely rough. Be alert for  stumps. I saw a steady stream of trailers heading north today.  For those of you that don't know, they paved Petersville Rd this fall. Keep your fingers crossed we make it through the upcoming week's forecasted warm temps. I will report when there is something new that develops.  Watch for overflow and be careful out there.

Happy New Year!


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2013/2014 Season

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April 13, 2014

We did a 110 mile trail survey this past weekend. Trails throughout the system were good to excellent in condition despite no grooming last week. Last week's snow left enough soft powder for lubrication. Scratchers are still a good idea. Snow was best west and north of the Parks Hwy.  The CBT between MP 121 and 115 had a couple of bare spots. All snow bridges were in great shape for this time of the year with the exception of the Rabiduex Creek crossing at MP 110. Ice bridge is gone and the Rabiduex is open from bank to bank and flowing. Several inches of wet snow fell  Sunday morning, which might aid to yet another great upcoming riding weekend.  All the seasonally placed wands have been removed from the trail system.

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April 11, 2014

Want to thank everyone for their support who stopped by the BBQ last weekend, it was a great turnout. Well, it's that time of the year again, grooming is over for the year and wands are going to be pulled this weekend or next depending on weather. Trails are still in very good shape. Enjoy some of the last great spring riding.  This will also be the last grooming report of the season.

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April 4, 2014

The Curry Ridge Riders annual meeting and Barbecue will take place this coming Saturday April 5th, at Picnic Point, from 11am to 3pm. This event is open to all and the food and drinks are free. Membership forms will be available. The trail to the BBQ will be well-marked along the way. From MP 121.5 parking lot take the CBT Trail North and continue pass MP 131 and head towards the Tokositna River. The BBQ will be about 1 mile east of the river crossing. There will be no "ride leader" for this ride. You can come and go at your own pace. Park at MP 121.5 on the Parks Highway or at MP131 and heads towards the Tokositna River. From the Reflector Tree, head north up the Tokositna River Trail to the North Loop.  Follow the signs, you can't miss us. Remember to always ride with a "Buddy" for safety.

The trails this weekend were great, weather was fantastic, but the snow is getting thin. Get you riding in while you can. Hope to see you at the BBQ this weekend

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Mar 27, 2014

Warm temps during the day, cool nights all week.  Not much riding time left.  Trails are holding up well.  Be kind to the ice bridges.  They are becoming fragile.  GREAT spring riding! Hard trails in the morning, becoming very soft in the afternoon

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Mar 20, 2014

All the main trails in Trapper Creek, Petersville and Denali State Park were groomed again this week and are in great shape. No new snow has fallen since last week but there is plenty of untouched swamps with a foot or so of soft stuff on top of a solid 2-3' hard base. The wind has been blowing this week down in the lower elevations but I talked to a large group of riders who were back in the Dutch hills Wednesday and they reported no wind back there and good overall conditions. Temps have been near 15 above in the mornings with highs in the upper 20s. Visibility is unlimited.

The trails are hard and somewhat icy in the lower elevations in the mornings but loosen up nicely by midday. The upper trails have a nice loose snow surface. Please ride safe and watch out for traffic.


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Mar 14, 2014

4" of heavy wet stuff came down last night and still snowing. About 6" total has fallen this week. 31 degrees right now.

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Mar 7, 2014

Good news for the upper Susitna Valley as 8-16" new snow fell this week. The deeper snow was seen in the northeast areas and is deeper generally east of Moose Creek. The base is still a hard and somewhat icy surface so traction can be affected in the loose snow on top.

All trails have been groomed with the Rabiduex and Chulitna Bluff trails being groomed today/Friday. Spring is definitely in the air so get out and enjoy the great weather and outdoors

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Feb 28, 2014

The trails in the area remain in great shape this week and all were groomed except for the Rabiduex Trail south of Trapper Creek. 2-3' of solid base still remain and the warmer temps have soften the snow off trail somewhat. We have had below freezing temps at night but have been into the low 40s during the day since Wednesday. More warm temps are forecast through the weekend providing spring like conditions so riding could be very good this weekend.

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Feb 21, 2014

All the trails but the Rabiduex Trail were groomed this week. The Black Creek Trail was also groomed for the first time since last months warm spell. The trails are in great shape and with a light snow of 2-3 inches of new snow ice scratchers are not necessarily needed. The wind and new snow have filled in many of the creeks and holes but caution should still be used when off trail. The snow pack is still hard packed but is getting better and I have certainly ridden on worse. Get out and enjoy the great weather!

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Feb 14, 2014

All trails But the Black Creek Trail have been restored to very good shape. All the snow bridges have been repaired including Rabiduex, Sawmill and Rail Road Creek.

    There are large patches( think pond size) of ice that the trails now cross but the ice is very thick and solid and travel is safe. The only real dangers on the trail system it's self are ruts in the ice ponds that were put there during the warm spell. They are not real bad but you should reduce your speed when approaching them. The trails surface is hard and smooth but does have loose snow on the surface from grooming. Ice scratchers are highly recommended. No need to rush and watch for others.

    Off trail riding remain poor as no measurable new snow has fallen since the warm spell. Lot's of caution if you decide to go cross country as many creeks have steep frozen banks and provide no access to cross them. There is still 2-3' of snow everywhere so it is very winter looking but do be careful.

    Come on out, ride the 100+ miles of groomed trails, grab a bite to eat and stay at one of the many lodges. The scenery is fantastic!

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Feb 6, 2014

Yes, folks we have some better news. The Petersville Rd was groomed Wednesday from the Kroto parking lot to the entrance of the Canyon. The road is in very good shape and the freshly groomed surface does provide some level of loose snow for cooling.

The connector trail to the Deep Creek Trail was put in for the first time this year and there are still some alders sticking up in the trail but there are some bypass routes around the worst of it and the CRRs have plans to put together a work party to cut them down.

The Deep Trail was groomed and the holes and creeks were filled in nicely. Off trail is hard and treacherous. Use caution in all trail travel!

The E/W Express from the P-ville Rd to the Reflector tree was groomed as was the "triangle" trail in that area, All crossing of Kroto Creek are in good shape, but again any off trail travel should be done with a high level of care.

All other trails remain ungroomed but will have more attention next week. There are holes and creeks with collapsed snow bridges through out the area, so be very careful no matter where you go. There is 2-3 feet of snow but it is hard, solid and unforgiving. More information will be made available as conditions change.

So if your having riding withdraw, there are some trail options out there.  Please be careful out there. Slow down and enjoy the views. 

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Feb 2, 2014

The CRRs recon patrol (John, Glenn) were out Saturday checking the trails. The weather was clear, temp 5 degrees at start end of day 14 degrees

1.   Railroad Creek Bridge holding, water flowing under

2. ½ mile south of Railroad the trail is washed out 

3. 5 miles south of MP121.5 overflow for about 200 feet on trail looks like standing water but is clear ice

4. Trapper Creek Bridge on the CBT is sagging but holding.

5. The swamps south of TCI along the Rabiduex to include the trail is nothing but a skating rink or ice and overflow. The ice bridge over the Rabiduex is gone and running water.


1. Hard and icy

2. Unknown and unnamed stream has cross under the trail with running water.


3. YAH sign gone at the west end of triangle snow is too hard to probe we are talking rock hard concrete conditions throughout the whole area.

4. Bunco Creek Bridge collapsed but still crossable. Just ride down one section and pop up the other side. Just watch your speed so you don’t over shoot into the alders

5. Tokositna river hard and icy and crossing second crossing hard but rough from suicidal rider playing in the overflow

6. North loop and Tokositna Flats hard concrete extreme ice conditions

7. Entrance into the tree line coming off the flats ¼ mile out you hit polished ice as you slid your way to the tree line frozen hole from those not so lucky breaking through the ice when it was warm.

8. Tree line to the first swamp hard concrete

9. All swamps look like lakes with frozen ice. Hard to keep one’s speed up with the track spinning on the ice

10. Nice view to MP 131 a track vehicle used the trail and the tracks impressions are frozen in time little rough riding.

The Deep Creek Loop

1. The Deep Creek Loop trail is still not set. Low snow conditions and walls of Alders is keeping grooming from being completed. Now that we know we can get to the area, we may schedule a work party in the near future.

Bottom line

With no snow in the near future and temps dipping below 0 at night for the next week same conditions will exist.

Creeks and rivers are flowing. Bridges are out or in fragile conditions

Recommendations to riders:

If your sled needs powder to cool - stay home. Fan cooled and radiator cooled sleds good to go. There ain’t no powder to be had!

But if you must go out…Scratchers, New or good hyfax (check the wear line) Studded track would be nice.

While ridding; keep an eye open for washed out sections of the trail or you and the sled will drop into a hole. Slow down, traction on the trail is an issue. Watch going up and down hills, brakes are a must!



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Jan 30, 2014

Well, there is good news, the rain and warmer temps are gone. Temps are moderating and staying below freezing. If you want to ride, be careful. Creeks and rivers are beginning to refreeze which is needed before we get snowfall. Reports of overflow and folks punching through are widespread. Trails are icy, hard packed and rutted which will require scratchers to help save your hyfax. Watch the swamps, there could be water under that thermal blanket of snow! 

Contact your favorite lodge or inn for local riding conditions.  They should have the game on Sunday, check them out. Grooming will resume as soon as we get adequate snowfall.

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Jan 23, 2014

Well, I wish I could sugar coat this but I can't. Continuing warm temps plaque the grooming efforts. Riding is still taking place, just use caution when approaching overflow and now how deep it maybe before crossing. Streams are open and flowing. Be very careful crossing the fragile ice bridges. Any and all trail reports are welcome.

The Board of Directors of the Curry Ridge Riders is hosting a trail work party this Saturday, 25th of Jan. Goal is to cut as much Alders as possible on existing trails and make repairs to signage as needed. Where possible, wands will be set. The plan is to stage at Trapper Creek Inn. Ride north up the CBT around the north loop and return back on the E/W. Plan on riding 60-70 miles. Bring a lunch and fluids, we will provide water. Dress in layers, it will be warm cutting and cool riding. Bring hand cutting tools if you have them. We will be bringing power tools to assist. Be flexible, we may change this plan based on what we come across on the trail. Call the hotline for last minute changes.  We will leave TCI at 10:30 sharp and returning late in the afternoon.

We thank you in advance for your support.

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Jan 17, 2014

This week has brought upwards of 1' of fresh snow to the area with more falling north and west of the Reflector Tree. Warm temps this winter are keeping many small creeks and swamp holes unfrozen and caution should be used both off and on trail near wet areas. No rain has fallen as of the writing of this report but some is forecast in the next few days as this latest storm passes over.

The Tokositna Trails, Safari, E/W Express, Kroto Link, Chulitna Bluff were all groomed this week and are in excellent condition. The Petersville Road between Kroto Creek and the E/W Express were groomed as was the Black Creek trail going west from the Forks area. Deep Creek was set and groomed this week all the way to the 2300' elevation but the loop over to the upper Petersville Road remains blocked by alders.

This week the Rabiduex from Trapper Creek to mile 105 near the Big Su Bridge was groomed for the first time this season and while the snow is thinner to the south, this area has lots of good swamp riding. The snow bridges on this trail are especially fragile and have open water next to them and should be crossed carefully.

Our wanding team is going to be placing wands in the next few weeks and if you see any volunteers working on the trail be sure to thank them.

We ask everyone's help in reporting creek crossing status.  With the creeks still flowing, Ice bridges being extremely fragile can fail quickly.  Please report any and all conditions!

Enjoy the area as the snow is slowly getting better and be safe.


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Dec 10, 2013

Hello all,

I just got back from a short blast down the ditch on the snogo and am assured winter is definitely here. This year Alaska Snow Cat received a significantly reduced amount of grooming funds from the State. The Mat Su Borough is providing supplemental funding specifically for the Black Creek Trail which requires an equal match. The past two years Alaska Snow Cat has provided that matched grooming without compensation. This year the Curry Ridge Riders (CRRs) will provide the match.

I renewed both the CRRs Trail Care Agreement with the Borough as well as signed up Alaska Snow Cat with their Trail Care Program. The CRRs need to track all of the volunteer work done by the members as well as all donations as both the Borough and the State are requesting that information.

Around the 15th of December, I will start prepping and setting the trails for the Holidays. After the first of the year I will be doing the normal weekly grooming as the weather and funding permits. I will be reducing the number of weeks of grooming but still hitting all the trails. The Rabiduex Trail will be groomed only a few times this winter so the snow bridge across Sawmill should be maintained and marked over the log bridge just downstream. Signing and good trail reports will be more important than normal this year. We need all your support in donations and volunteer labor in trail work when needed.

Your comments, recommendations and or suggestions are always welcome.

Randy Crosby
Alaska Snow Cat

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2012/2013 Season

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Mar 21, 2013

This week all the trails in the area have been groomed and are in great shape. The weather has been clear and cold with no melting of the snow pack. Most of the open areas are wind blown from last week but softer snow can be found in the trees and back in the valleys and deeper in the mountains.

Snow is forecasted by the weekend and with the longer daylight, riding this time of year is always good. Be safe and enjoy.

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Mar 13, 2013

Snow conditions remain spectacular in the Petersville and surrounding areas right now. Temps remain just about perfect with mid teens at night and low to mid 30s during the day. Powder can still be found at higher elevations. All the main trails will be groomed this week and are in great shape!

The snow bridges at Rail Road Creek, Rabiduex Creek and Sawmill Creek remain very fragile and caution should be used when crossing them for the rest of the season as water begins to flow beneath them.

Watch out for overflow and  crossing creeks and lakes as the warmer temps are causing water to begin to flow.

Also, be careful when driving up the P-ville Rd as the unpaved section remains very icy and slick.

Continue to support the Snowmobile Club of South Denali, join the Curry Ridge Riders. Go to for an application today.

Get out and ride! There are not many days left.

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Mar 7, 2013

Snow conditions are spectacular in the Petersville and surrounding areas right now. Temps are just about perfect with mid teens at night and low 30s during the day. All the main trails were groomed this week and are in great shape.

The snow bridges at Rail Road Creek and Sawmill Creek have been rebuilt but remain fragile and caution should be used when crossing them for the rest of the season.

Also be careful when driving up the P-ville Rd as the unpaved section is very icy and slick.  Have a great weekend!

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Feb 28, 2013

More great riding to be had in the north valley this week. The temps have been warm and the snow remains soft. Some winds in the upper elevations but still very good snow all over. All the main trails have been groomed with the exception of the Rabiduex but it is also in great shape!

As we progress into spring riding be careful of open water areas and any snow bridges on the trails. Go easy, watch out for each other and have a great weekend.

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Feb 22, 2013

Tons of fun to be had in P-ville right now. 6" of fresh snow this week and all the trails have been groomed with the Safari and Tokositna trails being groomed today, Friday. Off trail riding is fantastic too and the mountains have seen some moderate winds but the snow is still soft and not crusty. Come on out!!

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Feb 14, 2013

The snow conditions just get better and better in South Denali!

12-24" fell this week with deep snow to the north and west. The temps have been in the mid twenties with some snow almost every day. All the trails were groomed this week with the exception of the Rabiduex Trail. The sun is suppose to come out this Saturday and will make riding conditions perfect. Have a great weekend.

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Feb 8, 2013

Great snow conditions in Trapper Creek, P-ville and the rest of the South Denali area right now. Well over a foot of fresh snow has fallen this week and more is predicted over the next week. A 3-4' base can be found throughout  the area and it gets deeper to the north and west.

All trails were groomed this week and there is plenty of off trail riding too. Temps are warmer than usual and we have not received any high winds so the conditions couldn't get much better. Grab a friend and go ride

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Jan 31, 2013

All trails were groomed this week including the Trapper Creek/Rabiduex down to mile 105 of the Parks Hwy. The Moose Creek Crossings are all refroze and in good shape. 8-12" of new snow has fallen and riding is starting to look real good. There are still a few alder patches on the Deep Creek and Tokositna trails but are thinning out and can be easily negotiated. Staking and marking the trails continues and should be completed by the end of the weekend.

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Jan 24, 2013

All trails with the exception of the Trapper Creek/Rabiduex trail was groomed this week. The North Loop, Tokositna Trail and Safari Lake Trail were groomed Tuesday.    Black Creek, Deep Creek and The P-ville Rd were all groomed Wednesday as was the E/W Express. The Chulitna Bluff Trail was groomed today, Thursday.

The deep hole from last weekend has been repaired but there is still an open area of water on the west side of area that is 50' or more that you will need to water skip. The water is 18"-24" deep.  If you do not know how to cross deep water in your snowmobile do not attempt this water crossing.

Other snow bridges on the trail are in good shape but some have overflow on the edges as the water continues to rise. Please go easy on the wet snow bridges as they are easily damaged and start to flood as more traffic crosses them.

The North Loop has brush sticking up as the snow level is still lower than normal. Go slow and you will have no problem.

It has snowed several inches this week and is snowing right now so the riding is getting better. Best snow can be found west towards the hills.

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Jan 17, 2013

I groomed the P-ville Rd. from Kroto parking lot to the Deep Creek connector trail (Jen/Mar Trail) Up and over to the Deep Creek and Down the Deep Creek Trail to the E/W Express. Also the E/W from the Petersville Rd to the Reflector tree was also groomed today.

About the 1500' elevation mark is where the crusty surface turns to powder. The hills are good riding but there are still plenty of alder patches to negotiate. Everything below 1000'. has a thick crust of ice that the skis stay on top of but the track breaks through. Lot's of overflow in the creeks and low areas at the lower elevations.

There is overflow on the trails north and west of the Reflector Tree and also on the E/W at several of the creek crossings. Snow bridges have been built at those locations today but please go slow when crossing them to prevent damage. There is a small section at the Moose Creek crossing that did not get bridged but is only a couple inches thick so again please go slow.

The snowcat will be on the E/W and CBT tomorrow so please keep a look out and ride safe, thanks.

BTW, if you do care to donate, either send it directly to the Curry Ridge Riders or at Trapper Creek Inn. No other donation jars are turned over to the grooming program. Thanks for all the support!

Randy Crosby

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Jan 11, 2013

Well I must say I have never seen the snow in January like I am seeing it this year! And I hope to never see it like this again.

12" is a conservative average of total snow depth for the entire Trapper Creek and Petersville area. There are some swamp pockets that have a little more and just as many wind blown areas that have less. There is really no more snow at the base of the Peters Hills than you will find in the low lands near the Chulitna River.   Pre Thanksgiving snow is the best way to describe the current conditions.

The real news however is the groomer has made it through some of the trails and has improved the trail riding somewhat. Be warned however, there are plenty of humps, bumps and stumps out there and slow and cautious is the name of the game. If you want to get out and explore the area as you would in the summertime on a 4 wheeler or play on the lakes with the kids, then you will be in good shape. If you want to blast through powder and carve and jump then you would be best to move on to a different location. Tree riding is not recommended.

The Chulitna Bluff Trail (CBT) is groomed from mile 129 to the Trapper Creek crossing near Susitna River Road. You should be able to access this trail fairly easy from all the businesses in down town Trapper Creek.

The East West Express (EWE) is groomed from the mile 121.5 parking lot all the way west to the Petersville Road. The first 6 miles is in very good shape with very few stumps. West of Moose Creek the stumps become more evident and west of the Reflector tree be very cautious in the treed areas and be aware of an occasional rogue rock in any of the swamps.

The Safari Lake Trail is groomed from mile 11.5 of the Petersville road to the Reflector tree. Not many stumps but the swamps are not real smooth due to the lack of snow.

The Petersville Road was groomed from the Kroto Parking to the Jen/Mar Trail. It is in good shape but be cautious of glaciated areas coming across the road especially after the Petersville Townsite. Travel beyond the groomed section and through the canyon is very dangerous and reports of sever glaciating in the canyon is reported. Equipment was traveling on the unplowed portion between the Kroto Parking and the Kenny Creek turn off after it was groomed so be aware of tire ruts and uneven surfaces.

We will continue to work with the hand we have been dealt this winter and report back with news. Oh, the good news is that it has started snowing this morning!!! Go snow Go!!


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2011/2012 Season

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Mar 16, 2012

There is some great spring riding to be found in the upper Susitna Valley right now. The temperatures are near or below zero in the morning but quickly rising to the mid twenties in the afternoon. The snow pack has settled some and is wind blown in many areas but shows no sign of melting anytime soon.

All trails are in great shape and everything but the Rabiduex and south half of the Chulitna Bluff were groomed this week. Be cautious of the snow bridge crossing Rabiduex Creek south of Trapper Creek as it is reported to be one lane only. Also reports are the P-ville Rd going through the canyon to Cache Creek is blown in and not recommended for travel. If you plan on going to Cache Creek or the Dutch Hills then it is best to go over the top of the saddle/notch or go south to Pickle Creek.

Be careful, ride to the right hand side of the trail and be prepared for oncoming traffic as there are lots of people out enjoying the area and trails.


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Mar 9, 2012

Snow is Great! Temperatures are Great! Trails are Great! The only thing missing is you!

Another 10-14" of snow fell earlier in the week and there is still 5' or more snow on the level. Colder low temperatures in the -10 range turn to highs near twenty in the late afternoon. All the trails are in great shape with all but the Rabiduex being freshly groomed this week.

The Community of Trapper Creek is having their Cabin Fever Reliever Saturday and the Forks Road House is having it's Rodeo and Drag race also Saturday so come out and have some fun.


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Feb 16,2012

Another great week of fresh snow and spring like temps blessed the South Denali area. 6"-10" of new snow fell Tuesday through Thursday and then the temps dropped well below zero Thursday night. Lots of untouched powder in all types of terrain and in all directions. All trails, with the exception of the Rabiduex Trail, have been groomed or are in the process of being groomed by the weekend.

The snow is deeper than it has been in years and has a good solid base with a soft surface. The alders are buried and thinned out so off trail riding is at it's best. Reports indicate some open leads on the upper Tokositna River so use caution when traveling up valley towards the glacier. As always, give moose plenty of room and don't hesitate to get out of their way as they are stressed this time of year.

Have a great weekend!


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Feb 16,2012

This winter continues to bless the upper Susitna Valley with more snow, and 10-18" of new snow has fallen in the past week and is deeper towards the mountains. Temps are generally 15-30 degrees and the snow pack has a great base with a soft covering. Perfect all around riding conditions but remember as the snow gets deeper so do some of the open warm spring holes and creeks so ride with care.

 All trails were groomed this week and are in great shape but expect oncoming traffic by riding to the right. A reminder to give moose a break as they are struggling somewhat in the deep snow and also like the hard packed trails so give them lots of room if you have a chance encounter. Enjoy the weekend.


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Feb 9, 2012

Winter is in full swing in Trapper Creek and Petersville right now.  The temps have been warmer with lows around 0-10 above and highs in the upper 20s. No rain or melting conditions have come this way and  there is some new snow predicted in the forecast. We have had some winds that have hardened the snow in the open areas but everything is filled in and smooth with little drifting. Soft snow can still be found in the trees and leeward side of the hills and mountains.

All the groomed trails remain in great shape and have been groomed or are in the process of being groomed by the weekend. Only the Rabiduex Trail from Trapper Creek to the Big Su Bridge remain ungroomed this week as reports indicate it is still in great shape and ready to ride. We are half way through the season so don't hesitate to get out and see this winter wonderland.


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Feb 2, 2012

The 100+ miles of groomed trails in Trapper Creek, Petersville and Denali State Park remain in great shape this week. We received 12"-14" of new snow so far with more in the forecast and this is on a 4'-5' base. The temps have warmed up nicely and the snow on and off trail just doesn't get any better.

The North Loop in the Park, Tokositna, Safari Lake, Kroto Link, Deep Creek, North P-ville Rd., and West half of the E/W Express were all groomed on Thursday. The South P-ville Rd., Black Creek, East half of the E/W Express and Chulitna Bluff Trail will all be groomed Friday. Only the Rabiduex Trail will not be groomed this week but  is also in great shape.

Get out, enjoy and be safe.


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Jan 27, 2012

The wind has finally died down in the Petersville and Trapper Creek areas but the temps have also cooled down and have been below zero  throughout the area. All trails have either been groomed or will be  groomed by the weekend. Hard crust and drifts are present in the open  areas but lots of soft powder with a good base can be found in the  trees and areas blocked from the wind.  Watch out for moose as they  enjoy the trails too but are becoming stressed and agitated as the  winter wears on them. Get out and enjoy the beautiful sights and longer daylight hours as  spring is just around the corner.

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Jan 13, 2012

Like most of Alaska, the South Denali area received quite a bit of snow this week. 4-12" fell early in the week and then 12+ additional inches fell Wednesday night and tapered off late Thursday. Winds were fairly strong west of Moose Creek during and after the storm and are forecasted to continue through the weekend although not as strong. Friday was a gorgeous day but temps dropped below zero as the sun set.

The Rabiduex Trail was groomed before the storm but is still in good shape. The P-ville Rd and the Black Creek Trail were groomed Thursday during the storm but grooming was postponed as the winds picked up. The P-ville Rd up to the E/W Express intersection was groomed again Friday and is in excellent shape. The E/W, Safari Lake Trail, Tokositna Trail north toward Bunco Creek and the Chulitna Bluff Trail North to 129 were also groomed Friday and are in top notch shape. The North Loop, Deep Creek Trail and the North portion of the P-ville Rd were not groomed and received the deepest amount of snow. Be prepared for deep snow riding north and west  of Trapper Creek.

Wind chills are expected to get near -45 this weekend but the sun will be out and the views are fantastic. Be prepared and ride safe.

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Jan 5, 2012

Temperatures finally climbed to a tolerable level after last weeks frigid conditions. 3-5 inches of snow fell today combined with a north wind which created slight drifting in the swamps. The CBT was groomed from mile 129 to 121.5 today as was the E/W Express, Kroto Link and the Safari Lake Trail. Tomorrow the Petersville Rd from the Kroto Parking to the E/W intersection, the Black Creek Trail, the Tokositna Trail and the North Loop in Denali State Park will all be groomed. The Deep Creek Loop and Rabiduex trails will not be groomed this week.

The snow remains in great shape and there is more in the forecast so have a great time this weekend.

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Dec 29, 2011

Tuesday of this week grooming was completed on the CBT, around the North Loop, Tokositna Trail, Kroto Links and Safari Lake Trail. Wednesday grooming of the Petersville Road from Kroto Parking to the Canyon entrance and up to the base of the Peters Hills, The Black Creek Trail, Deep Creek Trail and the E/W Express were completed. Thursday the Groomer is headed south on the CBT and Rabiduex to mile 105 to complete the grooming of the entire system for the week.

The temperatures are slightly cooler this week and 2-3" of new snow fell on Tuesday. The snow pack has a good base but is still soft and deep in most places. The Peters Hills have more snow on them then they have had in many years and the alders are slowly disappearing so come out and enjoy the New Year.

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Dec 23, 2011

Setting and grooming the trails in Trapper Creek and Petersville continued this week. The Chulitna Bluff from Trapper Creek to Denali State Park is in very good shape. The E/W Express from 122 to the P- ville Rd is in very good shape with all snow bridges looking very good. There are a few patches of overflow that are frozen but noticeable in the swamps east of the Reflector Tree.

The Safari Lake, Tokositna and Kroto Link Trails are in very good shape and all snow bridges are in and holding up well. The snow bridge across Bunco Creek is in but be cautious as it tends to settle early in the season and it is narrow with steep sides.

The Petersville Rd is groomed all the way from the Kroto Parking to the canyon and is in great shape. Watch for trees leaning into the trail just north of Deep Creek. The trail connecting P-ville Rd to the Deep Creek Trail is in but the wind has been blowing and will fill in the trail.

The Black Creek Trail going west from the Forks Roadhouse is set and groomed for the first several miles until you break out into the swamps.

The Deep Creek Trail is in, groomed and in great shape.

The North Loop is groomed from mile 131 to the first Tokositna crossing and the from Bunco Creek, across the west Tokositna crossing and then a couple of more miles. That leaves the most northern section ungroomed but people who are familiar with the trail are riding through.

The snow is deep and soft and the temps have been fairly warm for the last two weeks. There is a fair amount of overflow in the creeks and swamps that may not be noticed until you ride through it. The trails are also soft and will bump up fast if ridden aggressively. Wands have not yet been put out on the trails so know where you are going.

Be careful, stay to the right and enjoy the powder.

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Dec 7, 2011

Headed out the E/W today and started pushing stumps and trees at the highway crossing. Encountered a little pucker factor at the first swamp crossing when the left track suddenly dropped and the snow fractured about ten feet out. Slowly backed out and stuck to the very perimeter as the swamps are still a little soft despite the cold temps last month.  I widened the trail at the first creek crossing big time . This has been a problem area in the past and the winds dropped several big trees in a tangled mess.  I continued up to towards the next swamp opening where a monster spruce tree had been blown over onto a monster birch tree and is doing it's best to block the trail.

  I had just started to push the tip of the spruce in hopes of snapping it off when it slid up and over the blade and proceeded to wipe out the air intake cap and exhaust and ended up basically in my lap. Had it not been for the ROPS I would probably be knocking at the Pearly Gates, although I don't know if they would let me in. I ended up walking out and going home to order parts and get my sled and chainsaw. The dozer has been cut free and is parked safely out of the way.

I rode the snogo out the trail and there are only a couple of trees that will have to be dealt with in order for the snowcat to get through. I only made it to Moose Creek where I found the usual overflow situation and decided to turn back as it was getting dark and I had already used up what little luck I had. Trapper Creek has snow covered overflow and an open lead just downstream of the crossing and another stream also had overflow. Yesterday when I had a good view of the Chulitna River I  was amazed to see overflow from bank to bank.

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2010/2011 Season

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Mar 31, 2011

Well folks this is the last grooming report for this winter as the temps have warmed to the point that grooming is difficult and the funding is has all but dried up. All the trails were groomed this week with the exception of the Rabiduex Trail which is still in fair shape but the snow bridges are starting to sag. The snow pack in general is still in the 3' range and 1-4" of new snow fell last night. All of the trails are holding up real good and off trail the snow is softening up but can be a little punchy in the trees by midday.

It has been a very successful season and I want to thank all those that helped maintain and fund the trails as all the hard work has resulted in one fantastic trail system. Get out and enjoy the remainder of winter as the days are long and the temps are warm!! See you all next year.

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Mar 17, 2011

The trails in the South Denali area are in great shape and all were groomed this week but the Rabiduex Trail which also is reported in good riding condition.  The weather has been clear with no new snow and the temps are cold at night and reach the low 30s during the day. All the rivers and swamps are in very good shape with no sign of breakup yet. There is a lot of good untracked snow to be found in the lower elevations if you get out and explore off trail and the Black Creek trail towards Collinsville and the Kahiltna River was groomed again this week for the first few miles west of the Forks Roadhouse.

Another reminder that the Curry Ridge Riders are holding there annual BBQ at the Reflector Tree on the 26th of March and they have free food for everyone and door prizes for those that join up or renew their membership. Support the club that supports the trails!


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Mar 10, 2011

This week all the trails but the Rabiduex were groomed in the South Denali area. The trails are in great condition and the temps are considerably warmer this week with lows around 10 and highs in the upper 20s and low 30s. The wind has returned  and was steady and strong midweek. The snow pack remains stable and you can go just about anywhere but off trail powder is getting hard to find.

I wanted to thank all those that have supported the trail efforts over the years by giving a little bonus grooming  on the Black Creek Trail which goes west from the Forks Road House towards Collinsville past the Iron Bridge. This week I roughed in the first few miles of the roadbed to the point it starts to open up into the nice swamps and trees. I only used the snowcat this week, which makes a huge improvement, and next week I will pull the drag up there to really smooth things out. Next year the plan is to add this section of trail to the grooming program if the funding is available. Enjoy.

I hate to say it but winter is not going to last forever so get out and take advantage of the longer daylight and enjoy the fantastic views!


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Mar 3, 2011

The trail system in the South Denali area is in great shape this week. 

All were groomed except the Rabiduex, south half of the CBT and the Kroto Link however those trails are reported to be in excellent shape. 

Good size wind drifts were encountered on the upper section of the P- ville Road but the Piston Bully cut them flat for now. Winds have continued this week so more drifting may occur. The temps have been near or below zero in the mornings but have climbed into the twenties during the day. The snow pack is in good shape although the wind has hardened things up somewhat. There is lot's of good riding to be had so get out and enjoy it while it lasts, spring will be upon us before you know it.


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Feb 24, 2011

Trail conditions remain in very good shape in the Trapper Creek, Petersville and Denali State Park areas. Monday the CBT and Rabiduex trails were groomed, Wednesday the E/W Express, Deep Creek and P-ville Rd were done and Thursday the Safari Lake, Tokositna, Kroto Link and North Loop Trails were all done.

The temps were colder than normal in the first half of the week but warmed up today as the next weather system moved into the area. Only a light breeze was evident out in the swamps but the snow remains moderately windblown from last week. The snow depth is still very good except for the exposed ridges on the Peter Hills and the base snow pack allows easy off trail riding.

It is currently snowing and the forecast is calling for 2-6" Friday and clear skies for the weekend. It doesn't get much better than that!  Get out and enjoy the weekend.


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Feb 17, 2011

All the trails in the Trapper Creek/P-ville area were groomed this week with the exception of the Rabiduex Trail from mile 105 to Trapper Creek. The Rabiduex will be groomed next week!!

The trails are in great shape and with the colder temperatures are holding up very well.

The wind blew quite a bit last weekend and early this week, so drifting was noticeable on the upper P-ville Rd. as well as the North Loop but the snowcat smoothed them out real nice. Also the wind filled in a lot of the holes and dips but the snow is still generally soft.

Temps were at or below 0 most mornings this week but 15-20 above was common during the day. No new snow as the big storm has not hit yet but the temps have risen after the sun went down so hopefully there will be fresh powder for the weekend.

BTW, the Curry Ridge Riders are 15 years old this year and we done some incredible things so if you are not a current member Join 



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Feb 10, 2011

8-12" of fresh snow fell this week in the north valley with deepest amounts north and at higher elevations. The snow pack is in great shape and the tracks from last week are pretty well covered up. The temps were in the low 30s  Monday through Wednesday but were in the high 20s today. The new snow is light and fluffy with no crust.

Last week there was no trail report but all trails were groomed except the Rabiduex trail but it remains in very good shape. Also last week a new trail was put in connecting Lunch Box Hill, at the headwaters of Deep Creek, to the P-ville Rd by climbing up in elevation and following the Jim/Mar Trail. This makes a better loop and gives great views from the 2320' elevation as well as better access over the top of the Peter Hills.

This week all the trails were groomed except the Rabiduex and the CBT from Trapper Creek to the mile 121.5 trailhead. Again, reports indicate those trails are in very good shape.

There has been an increase in Moose on the trail systems and also the roads with the deeper snow. Keep an eye out and be patient as they are starting to struggle in the deep snow. Have a great weekend.


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Jan 27, 2011

The temps early this week were in the -25 range in the low lying areas  but have rebounded nicely and are currently 15 above.   2-6" of new snow has fallen in the area with deeper amounts towards the mountains.  The trails remain in very good shape and grooming this week consists of the north half of the CBT, E/W Express, P-ville Rd south of the E/W, Safari, Tokositna and North Loop Trails. 

With warmer temps predicted for the weekend and the fresh snow continuing to fall, the riding will be very good through out the area, however flat light, may make above tree riding challenging at times.

Randy Crosby

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Jan 21, 2011

The temps early this week were in the -25 range in the low lying areas but have rebounded nicely and are currently 15 above.   2-6" of new snow has fallen in the area with deeper amounts towards the mountains.  The trails remain in very good shape and grooming this week consists of the north half of the CBT, E/W Express, P-ville Rd south of the E/W, Safari, Tokositna and North Loop Trails. With warmer temps predicted for the weekend and the fresh snow continuing to fall, the riding will be very good through out the area, however flat light, may make above tree riding challenging at times. 


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Jan 14, 2011

Wind Chill Advisory in effect from 10 PM this evening to noon akst Saturday for north of Talkeetna...Strong wind tonight and Saturday morning...

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Jan 14, 2011

This week the grooming of the trails has gone very well and the trails in the Trapper Creek /P-ville and Denali State Park are in great shape. The E/W Express received several passes this week and is as smooth as it possibly can be. The Petersville Road is also in the best condition possible. The Deep Creek Trail/Loop was groomed this week and ads another quick enjoyable route to the Peters Hills or is a great trail ride in it's self. The Safari, Tokositna the North Loop Trails are very smooth, and provide easy access to the State Park and the Tokositna River with spectacular views of the Alaska Range.

The Rabiduex Trail was not groomed this week but reports are that it remains in very good shape. The CBT was groomed also and provides beautiful views of the Chulitna River and old growth forest as well as access to downtown Trapper Creek.

The temps have not been as low as predicted this week and are above zero with higher elevations in the low 20s. The wind is brisk today with some moderate gust but are predicted to calm down by the weekend. 

There is more daylight, great trails and many good lodges and 

restaurants in the area to warm up and replenish your body and sled.  

All the parking lots have been plowed out since the last big storm and the groomed trails are wanded for good visibility. Get out and enjoy the area while the getting is good.

Randy Crosby

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Dec 24, 2010

The CBT, E/W, Safari Lake, P-ville Rd, Deep Creek, Kroto Link, and Rabiduex trails have all been groomed. All the snow bridges are in good shape on these trails. The North Loop and Tokositna trails will be groomed Friday. The snow is thin south of Trapper Creek but the trail is smooth.

Merry Christmas!

Randy Crosby

A special thanks to Bob and Josh Filter and Rodney Thomason for helping out on the E/W to get it open.

Happy Holidays to all!

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Dec 16, 2010

Our trail party last Saturday went well, although there were only a few people who helped.  We removed more than a dozen trees from the trails and cleaned up numerous leaners.   Monday the snow cat packed the Chulitna Bluff Trail from mile 129 to south of Trapper Creek Inn, then packed the East West Express from the parking lot at MP 121.5 of the Parks Highway west, to where you break out in the swamps.  Snow bridges are in and in good condition and the trail is ridealbe, although not groomed.  The recent severe winds have blown down more trees and they must be removed before we can begin grooming operations.  Temperatures are expected to moderate by Sunday and we’ll be having another trail party starting at 10 am.  We’re not yet sure of the starting point but we’ll update the hotline Saturday at midday.  Bring chain saws, loppers and gloves and we’ll see you there. 

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Dec 8, 2010

Our event this weekend is a trail reconnaissance and marker recovery.  We’ll be locating and moving fallen trees from the trail and unpacking the orange marking wands.  We’ll leave from the parking lot at MP 121.5 of the Parks Highway at 10 am Saturday, December 11, and head to the Reflector Tree on the East West Express.   Temperatures have been cold and most of the creeks are frozen, although snow bridges have not yet been built and crossing could be difficult.   We’ll be on the trail the week after, too, so if you can’t make this one, we’ll see you the next week.  If you have questions or comments, leave a message and we’ll call you back.

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Nov 4, 2010

Here is the latest on the conditions in the area as of 4:00 pm Thursday. 5" on the level of wet slushy snow at mile 105. No parking lots are plowed south of Trapper Creek. 10-12 pickups could fit in to the pull off at mile 108 if they didn't have trailers. There are two more gravel pits between mile 111-112 that have room for a couple of rigs. Whether or not you will be able to pull in Saturday morning is an unknown. We have a solid 18" at 128. It was warm all last night and today with about a hour or so of rain this morning and heavy wet snow since. It is currently snowing steady as I type.

My plan as of now is to meet everyone at 105 to formulate a plan. 

Depending on how many people show up and how much cutting equipment is available will determine the number of groups that will be dispatched to different locations. If it looks promising I will return home to get the Dozer but if not I will be riding my snogo. I will have the saws, fuel and related tools.

Randy Crosby

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Oct 29,2010

In case you have not heard already, we have had our first significant snow fall in the upper Susitna Valley. It started snowing late Wednesday night and snowed steady all day yesterday, last night and is still snowing lightly. There is 13" of heavy wet snow at mile 128 on the Parks Highway and it looks like it will stay with us for the winter.  Unfortunately the ground did not have a good hard freeze so many of the creeks remain open, the lakes and ponds are dangerously thin, and the swamps will have some overflow.

Driving conditions north of the Big Su Bridge are treacherous as there is a icy hard packed surface on the road so drive slowly.

Riding conditions, other than on the unplowed P-ville Rd or good summer routes, is not ideal at this time.

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Oct 28, 2010

We are planning on holding a trail work party with the Anchorage Snowmobile Club on Nov 6 at 9 AM to clear the trail around Sawmill Creek. We will be leaving the parking lot at  MP 105, Parks Hwy at 10 AM, Bring loppers, gloves and a sense of adventure.

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